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The 4th Random Episode

By Glenn McElhose on August 12th, 2009 under Video Projects, Weekly Video

From a tiny corner table at a busy Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose jump into another random brain spew episode by starting off with a little medical update on Tim’s recent ER visit for some elbow issues.  See below for show notes – other topics, links.

The 4th Random Episode from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

Other topics include:

- the new (now old) iPhone 3GS, talking some about the new updates and then a short comparison with the Palm Pre.
- personal experiences with start-ups and pitching new ideas through avenues like Y Combinator.
- Demo days – five things you can do as a new startup to get your ideas in front of influencers.
- your website:  per user metrics, unique visitors coming to your site – cost per acquisition, and lifetime value of the customer.
- learning new languages – discussion about the Living Language series.

Y Combinator
Website Optimzer
Google Analytics
List of Speakers at WordCamp
“The Living Language Series”
Previous episode of “Random”
David Prager
Netflix’s streaming service
Recommended Media: In Other Words: The Science And Psychology Of Second-language Acquisition
Google Search on “Cognitive Neuroscience research on language acquisition”
Eat Drink Man Woman by Ang Lee
Tim Ferriss
Kevin Rose
Glenn McElhose

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